The student association GEHT joined forces with EPFL Tech4Impact to create a new series of events, the Sustainability 101 Talks. 

Throughout the past years, an increasing interest in sustainability issues, topics, solutions and education has been observed. Nevertheless, there is still a strong need to spread the basic but very key sustainability concepts in a format that allows either the entire academic community – from students, researchers to staff, CSS and alumni –  and the civil society to profit from. 

The Sustainability 101 virtual lecture series aims to bring leading experts of different sustainability fields to popularize these key concepts, frameworks and discussions. These main speakers have the opportunity to offer an interactive presentation that involves the audience and will be followed by an open Q&A session via the Speak Up platform to insure a democratic participation. Finally a live feedback session will allow the organizers to consult the public and improve each session in an iterative way. 

All lectures are streamed live, recorded and uploaded on the open platform of the GEHT website to be synthesized in an infographic summary for future references. Moreover a vox pop is conducted on EPFL-UNIL Campus before each event to evaluate the current knowledge of the selected topic and collect questions for the main speaker.

Our events

Who are we ?

Tech4Impact is an EPFL initiative for accelerating groundbreaking and sustainable technological solutions that create positive societal and environmental impact. It aims to inspire the entire EPFL community through a new virtual lecture series on transformational sustainable change.

The Global Earth Horizon Talk is a student association that aims to explore how events can contribute to making our society more sustainable. Its aim is to help spread knowledge through scientific popularisation, create engagement through democratic participation, and accelerate the implementation of actions via community empowerment.


You are welcome to contact us at the following address if you would like to give feedback on an event we have organised, or to suggest that we organise a new one.