#1 What is sustainability ?

For this first edition, the new new Vice-President for Innovation Dr. Ursula Oesterle starts with an introduction word. Then, we focus on defining what is Sustainability with Dr. Silvia Hostettler and our moderator Jean-André Davy–Guidicelli.

Silvia is an international development expert and environmental scientist researching and teaching sustainable development challenges at EPFL. She is interested in leveraging transitions that shift the world on a more sustainable path.

We talk about the three pillars of sustainability, its normative aspect, and the trade-offs that are inherent to it, but also introduce the notion of SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Finally we discuss the power of each individual through his or her choices in terms of housing, transportation, political votes, consumer behaviour, financial investments, with the core notion of values that influence these choices.

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