Global earth horizon talk

An opportunity for the future

A unifying event, initiator of change, by youth and for society : we are a committee of young people from Swiss universities with the ambition to refocus the environmental debate around facts.

The associationGEHT 2021


” We are convinced that it is through dialogue and exchange that new ideas will be born and initiatives necessary for the transition to a sustainable society will be carried out. Any citizen can be an actor in this transition, provided they have access to the necessary information and have the means to act.


To provide the general public with direct access to quality information on the themes of climate change, biodiversity loss and sustainability.

To present concrete and achievable solutions to reduce everyone’s environmental impact, on all scales, in particular by highlighting innovative ideas developed by start-ups or students.

To re-establish a constructive dialogue between the general public, scientists and decision-makers, by proposing an alternative of formal expression to climate protests.


To bring society together and create an ambitious dialogue platform, which will become the benchmark meeting for the environment and sustainability in Switzerland and in Europe.

To democratize knowledge : popularization, digitalization, and transdisciplinarity.

To encourage and take citizen initiatives up to political decision-making spheres.

And after ?

New knowledge and skills acquired by the public, links forged between citizens, scientists, professionals and politicians.

A text summarizing the citizen proposals matured during the summit, as support for in-depth work with the Confederation.

The continuity of the GEHT as an association (smaller events, digital platform) and a new GEHT summit every 2 years.

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